Braden Southard, an independent artist out of Wichita Falls, TX. At age 4 Braden was just the cute kid pulling out his toy guitar and singing out in front of the family.  He has always sang throughout his child hood, but at age 14 he wanted to pursue it more. He wrote his first song Right Where I Need To Be and for his age the song really had done him well! At age 18 he made a trip to Nashville to learn about what he really wanted to do. When he had gotten back to good ole TX, he hit the stage as a one man band. He has been blessed with a great fan base that just keep continuing to grow tremendously! Now with one big song on the radio You Got My Head Spinning, making #15 on the Itunes pre-order charts, hitting charts in France, and also making it into a magazine in Europe. In 2023 he released Make You Miss Me recorded with Delta Star Records. This brand new song has fans missing Braden Southard. You do not have to miss him, so come on out to watch Braden Southard and let him get your head spinning!